Journalism in Denmark: interview with Morten Gliemann

“Danish journalism is very aware of the fact that we need more citizens, new citizens”, he says. Photo: courtesy

Morten Gliemann is a Danish journalist. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Danmarks Journalisthøjskole and an important civic role in the southern part of Denmark and the Sønderjylland region, where he lives.

His work has an international scope, as he has lived in…

“Italians tend to say that journalism, in general, is mainly based on controversy”, she says. Photo: courtesy

Dora Nunes is a Brazilian journalist who has been living in Italy since 2016. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the Universidade Federal de Alagoas (Ufal), in Maceió, a specialization degree in Radio Journalism and Television, also from Ufal, and a Master’s degree in Political Sciences from the…

“There are some excellent programmes that focus on ethnic communities”. Photo: courtesy

Caitlin Cherry is a journalist and broadcaster from New Zealand. She has experience in investigative journalism and programme production. Her work includes a special focus on technologies and multimedia. She produces digital content and uses a wide range of different platforms to create, share content, increase audience, and improve engagement.

“We need a media law that warranties the informative pluralism. A law that regulates, warranties and penalizes”, he says. Photo: courtesy

Luis Alejandro Nitrihual Valdebenito is a Chilean journalist, professor and researcher. He currently works at the Centro de Investigación Comunicación, Discurso y Poder at the Universidad de La Frontera (Temuco, Chile). He has a PhD in Information Sciences and in Hispanic American Literature from the Complutense University of Madrid. …

“Politics ends up stealing the scene, because that’s where ‘the’ news is”. Photo: courtesy

António Aly Silva is a Guinean journalist, popular for his fight for freedom of the press and information in Guinea-Bissau. Since 2016, he has been writing and editing the blog Ditadura de Consenso, an independent journalism website with over 30 million hits and dedicated to covering issues relating to the…

“Journalists have the freedom to publish without conditions. It does not mean that sometimes some act of censorship arises”, he says. Photo: courtesy

Miguel Ledhesma is an Argentinian journalist. Ten years ago, he created the Organización Mundial de Periodismo Turístico (World Travel Journalism Organization, WTJO). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a technical background in Tourism and a Master’s degree in Education.

Among Ledhesma’s books and articles, some deserve to be highlighted…

“Community life is treated with greater emphasis by community radio stations, which represent 80% of the audience of rural communities”. Photo: courtesy

Celestino Joanguete is a Mozambican professor and researcher with a Bachelor ‘s Degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, in Portugal. He has a PhD in the same field, which was obtained from Universidade do Minho, also in Portugal. In addition, he has studied Theology and Philosophy at the…

Enio Moraes Júnior

Enio Moraes Júnior is a Brazilian journalist, researcher and professor. PhD in Communication Sciences at USP (Brazil), currently he lives in Berlin.

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